Colbert Family Farm

Colbert Family Farm

About us

We run a family farm near Poplarville, Mississippi, regeneratively raising beef, chicken, eggs, goat, and lamb through holistic management. We strive to raise the best products by fostering a healthful landscape with thriving domestic animals, wildlife, plant life, and soil life. To do this, we:

What's Available

Whole Pasture-Raised Chicken

Pasture raised broiler chickens that are moved daily, fed non-GMO feed and forages, and processed on our farm. They make the best chicken we have ever had!

$5 per lb. These generally weigh from 5 to 7 lbs.

Pasture-Raised Eggs

Nice and creamy eggs! Our free-range hens are moved regularly and frequently, so they can forage on fresh land for whatever bugs and grass they desire. They are also given a ration of non-GMO feed.

$6 per dozen for large eggs and $5 per dozen for medium eggs.

Grass-fed Lamb

Our sheep are moved and given fresh forages daily. They eat only forages, hay, and minerals, no grain! This all produces clean and delicious lamb. Buy in bulk for extra savings and variety!

Cut Price per Pound
Whole Lamb $10.00 / lb Hanging Weight
Rack of Lamb $25.00 / lb
Lamb Chops $25.00 / lb
Leg of Lamb $17.50 / lb
Lamb Shoulder $15.00 / lb
Ground Lamb $15.50 / lb
Neck Roast $14.00 / lb
Liver $10.00 / lb
Heart $ 8.00 / lb
Tongue $ 8.00 / lb

A "whole lamb" is each cut yielded from a single lamb and is priced proportionally to its hanging weight (the weight before being trimmed and cut into parts). Currently, our whole lambs generally weigh 70-80 lbs hanging, yielding 40-50lbs of meat to take home for $700-800.

Photos of the Farm

Sheep eating ryegrass with sun shining. Great Pyrenees Cooper and Sadie with one of their puppies in the field. A young goat kid munching on some forage. A baby calf posing next to some adult cattle. Three young Great Pyrenees puppies sauntering around. Chickens loitering around their mobile coop, the eggmobile. Father and son working on a fence. Young chicks drinking out of a bell waterer. Sheep standing, ready to move to their next paddock. A basket full of eggs in a luscious field next to chickens and their mobile coop. A delicious, deep red leg of lamb roast. A stack of lamb chops. A few stacks of leg of lamb steaks. A few stacks of lamb shoulder steaks. A mother pygmy goat headed for a meal. A bottle baby goat making a funny face. A beautiful sunset over a field on our farm. Great Pyrenees Pete, the protector of our goats. Chase working on a fence. A healthy young puppy standing at attention. Two puppies laying on a door mat on a porch. A Great Pyrenees puppy in a field at sunset. A lamb and her mother exploring new ground with other sheep ahead. Hens foraging next to a mobile coop on a cloudy day. A brooder house made of wood. Hens roaming the field with a rooster on a hill. Hens foraging with the sheep and cattle. A wide open and luscious field with chickens foraging.